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Version 1 Is Better Than Version None - Progress Over Perfection

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Jerome Lewis


I had a major accom, what I consider to be a major accomplishment today. And I, I I've not today, but this month. And I said, I would finish a book this month and I finished it. I finished, I actually finished it like seven days earlier. And I just want to give it like a little background behind the book.

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Right. And that means like, you need to get something out. Right. You're it is never gonna be perfect. Or if it's gonna be perfect, you need to work towards that perfection. Right? It's don't expect everything to just work immediately or, or be perfect when you release it. So less than 85% of people that say they wanna write a book, do it.

Right. So 5% of people are making and it's even less than that. I think it's like 1%, but, um, One of the things about this book is it's not supposed to be, I'm not gonna get famous. I'm not gonna get rich from this book, the whole objective and the whole purpose of this. Is to service my clients and my customers, right?

So that's real estate entrepreneurs is, is who I work with, right? Real estate investors, real estate agents, mortgage people, people are trying to sell, sell real estate courses. Those are the people who I work with. Right. And the title of this book is insider secrets of successful advertising, lead generation marketing implementation.

For real. Entrepreneurs. Right? So that is who I'm servicing in a majority of the world. They're not real estate entrepreneurs. So this book is not for a majority of the world or a majority of those people. My book is specifically right when you're in marketing for. Real estate entrepreneurs. That's the whole purpose.

And there are the, the reason why I did this book is because I'm an instructor. I teach, uh, social media, digital marketing, and tech, and there are some common things that come up for people that are trying to implement these things into a business. So this book is to kind of help address those things, right.

And there are like, let's go. Like there are different chapters. I go over some different things, give some different resources, but, um, I go, we talk about why entrepreneurs fail. We simplify lead generation and marketing. Uh, we talk about why you need marketing, why you should implement remarketing, retargeting, um, a, a new way to think about your marketing budget.

uh, how to implement effective marketing, what you need for marketing and even hiring out your marketing. These are all things that we talk about and discuss in this book. Right? So, um, I, I I've, I'm really excited about this book and this product that I created and. I was telling you earlier, like version one is better than version nine.

And the reason why I'm bringing that up and mentioning that is because if you go like this is version one and I have updated it since. But if you go through this book, you will see all kinds of errors. Right? All kinds of errors and mistakes, and like, There are mistakes here and that's okay because I wanted to get something out and I wanted to get a MVP, a minimum viable product, right?

So by just by publishing a book, even with the mistakes, I've done more than 95% of people, I'm big on implementation and taking action, right. It doesn't have to be perfect. So I just wanted to mention that and I wanted to inform people that my objective is not to sell a million copies of these books. My objective is to.

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Um, so, and I can sign it or anything like that if you want. Uh, but yeah, so I'm excited. I have not been this excited to receive anything. I, I, I feel right. I feel really accomplished by establishing this book right. Easily. Uh, my courses right. Will easily sell more than this book, the courses, the services, the websites.

I do, all of the products and services that we offer they'll easily, uh, bring us more money. But the, the thing about this book is creating authority, right? So not many people can say they have published a book and I'm just excited. This is like here live it's an actual physical, physical product. Right now, as we currently stand this up to 200 pages and it'll probably get a little bit longer, I'm gonna try to cut it down.

And then shortly after what I'm gonna do is I'm going to, uh, do a book on video marketing. So, all right. I'm getting tight on time. I got, I have a client at 10 o'clock. But, um, I just wanted to pop on and share my experience and talk why I published this book. So I appreciate you watching and I'll see you on the other side.

Bye bye.

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