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How You Can Present or Talk About Anything With A Basic Format: Who, What, Why, How

How Your Can Present or Talk About Anything With A Basic Format: Who, What, Why, How


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All right. So really quickly, I just want to talk about my experience and how anybody can talk about anything. Right? And most of the time I'm talking to business entrepreneurs, more specifically real estate entrepreneurs. And a lot of times people ask me in our social media mastermind class. What should I talk about?

Right. And I have several mentors. And one thing that I picked up over the years from my mentors is that if you have an expertise, you can talk about anything using this simple format, like this simple framework. And it's called the who, what, why, how framework? Right? So the way it works is say you are right.

People don't care about what you offer until they know who you are. Right. So that's the, who. Who are you introduce yourself in general is what you want to do right next. Uh, what is it that you're offering, right? Do you have a product? Do you have services? What is it that you're, you're offering me? What is it that you're gonna talk about?

What are you gonna present about? Right. So that is the what, and then why, right. So why should I care? Why is this important to me right now? Right? Why. Why is it so cheap? Why is it such a high value? Why? Right. So that's the why. And then furthermore, you talk about how, right. So how can I get the thing that you're offering specifically and the, how can be, how is just sit back and watch the presentation, right?

How is, let's say you have a sales page, right? You have a sales page. I have a sales page of a, of a course that I have and how. Super specific. How do you get the course? Right? You go down below you fill out your information and you submit the form. That's the, how so I just wanted to talk about that simple framework because I was thinking like I'm getting ready for my social media mastermind class that I host.

And I was like, I'm putting together the slice of presentation. And at one point personally, I was like, I I'd never been a, a person that was scared to present or throw myself out there. But when I first started presenting, I would do like, uh, I would do demonstrations all at a time. And I would, every week I was like panicking.

Like, oh my God, what am I gonna say? Or what am I gonna talk about? And since I learned that F. I can talk about, just about anything and I can help other people talk about just about anything using that simple framework. And it's so easy to come up with so much content, uh, using just that framework. So if you have 30 minutes where you're gonna talk about something, I can help you come up with a framework who, what, why, how if you're gonna talk for hour, same thing.

Who, what, why, how so? I do presentations and my, my presentations, my workshops, everything is like is they are intense and they are packed with a lot of information. so it can be, uh, it can seem like, uh, I'm some kind of genius and I'm, I'm not gonna say I'm, uh, slow, but I don't know everything. I just follow people that, that are smarter than me and I follow processes that work.

So all of my presentations, one thing you will notice and all of my presentations and most everything I do is you will notice that. Who, what, why, how framework. so I'm thinking about our social media mastermind. As an example, every time I start that class off, I, I introduce myself, right. I let people know who I am.

I let them know how, who I am and the respect of how I can help them. Right. So I'm a very direct person and I let them know like I'm direct. Right. I'm direct, I'm specific. I tell them who I am and I say, why, uh, why am I like that? Because I care about getting you results. So I tell 'em who I am. Then I tell 'em what they're gonna learn about.

So what are you gonna learn about? You're gonna learn about social media. You're gonna learn about Facebook. You're going to learn about YouTube, whatever their specific topic is of that day. I tell 'em what they're going to learn about. Right? And then I'm typically teaching. So I tell 'em why, why should you care?

And most of the time they, they, they care because they want to get business. They want to grow their business. They want get more leads. They wanna learn social media. That's the why. And then last but not least, I switch over to the how and the how is sit back and enjoy the presentation. The, how is. Engage or interact with the speakers to presenters.

How talk about, I talk about the, how interact, engage be present in the presentation. So, um, when I get clients coming in and they need help with like marketing and figuring some stuff out, I typically suggest that framework and we can sit down and we can come up with just about any kind of awesome presentation using just that very basic format.

And once we finish that basic format, the who, what, why, how we get that content out, we can expand beyond, uh, beyond. What's needed. Right? So let's say, uh, I just recently had a client come in and she does, uh, uh, lease options. So she already had like a presentation together and I'm like, look, we're gonna put together who, what, why, how format and you already have that lease option content that you share and talk about.

So what I'm gonna do is we're gonna expand on that content, but first we need to get out the basic structure. We need to come up with a present. so I just wanted to pop on and share with you how anybody can talk about anything and the way you do that is using that. Who, what, why, how format, and once you get comfortable and you get that content outta your mind, and you get comfortable presenting, you can expand to whatever.

And however you need to expand. You can talk about whatever other things, but just get that basic framework and it will help you become a master presenter on, uh, in presentations, online in your writing, et cetera. So I appreciate you watching and I'll see you on the other side. Bye.

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