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How To Get A Real Estate Mentor or Real Estate Coach For Free

Figuring out how to get started with real estate investing can be a huge challenge.

Finding an experienced mentor or coach is the best way to learn, but it's also hard because you have no idea where to start looking.

We created this video so that "newbie" and aspiring agents, investors, and entrepreneurs could find and connect with mentors online and offline.

Sometimes, it's not enough just knowing what steps are involved in your business - you need someone who has been through the process before and can guide you along the way. This video talks about what steps you can take toward finding a great mentor and adding value to them. You'll feel confident about starting your journey as a real estate investor after watching this video!: https://youtu.be/lcs-sgsp3f0.


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All right. So here's the thing. I'm gonna talk about how you can get a mentor slash coach for. Typically I'm talking to real estate entrepreneurs. That means you're a real estate investor, real estate agent, somebody involved in real estate. Right. And, uh, even though I'm talking to real estate people, this applies across the board, it doesn't matter what your industry is.

These are some ways that you can kind of get a mentor or coach, and I'm gonna include paid as well as, uh, free strategies and frees that you can get a coach. So let's start. I have a little slideshow for you, so.

All right. Here's the, the real answer. This is the quickest way, right? Like I'm all about speed. The quickest way that you can get a mentor or coach is to be willing to pay. Right. And you're going to find some people that will have like mentorship programs or coaching programs that they already have.

Like, Hey, you want to get some time with me? Just pay, like people will have those programs, but in addition to those programs, You will find. You will catch like mentors and people that's doing this business or doing your business kind of for free. And, uh, they get approached all the time. Hey, can I be your mentor?

I just wanna pick your brain or I just wanna follow you around. And one of the ways that you shortcut and you separate yourself, instead of just asking for like that free information is you pay. So this person, this professional may not have a particular coaching program or anything like that, but you say, Hey, I really respect you.

I would like to, um, Watch you, or, you know, learn something from you in the business and you offer to pay. I, I, I would, I would like to pay you so I can learn from you. Are you open to that? And sometimes they may say no. Right, but. When you come with that perspective or that different, you know, like, ah, I just wanna pick your brain for free.

You already separate yourself, right? So you're separating yourself. You're appearing different than most people. And that's one of the ways that you kind of get their attention. Right? If somebody came to me, instead of saying, Jerome, I wanna pick your brain for free. If they came. And they said that we're willing to pay.

They separate themselves automatically. And, um, they might not have to pay me necessarily. I might have them pay for a, like a course or something that I own, but paying is one of the quickest ways to separate yourself. Right. Even just having that mentality to pay because most people don't wanna pay.


Next. I want you to stop telling everybody that you're new, right? You may be new to an industry or a particular niche, something like that, but you are not new to life, right? You are not new to life. So you have tons of experience from your past. Um, you, you have tons of experience from your past job, your past schooling, whatever you do, you have tons of experience and you can find a way to package up that experience and offer it to your mentor or your coach or whoever you are looking to add value to.

So, as a quick example, I have like before I entered the real estate industry, I was in the it space. And because I was in the it space guess. The real estate industry, they use computers, right? They need help. They need help with, you know, moving software tech websites. And guess what I did, I was like, you know what?

I can offer my service to people. Right. And I volunteered, however, I volunteered my service, but guess what? It was a very valuable service because some people are not experts in technology. And I am so just because you're new doesn't mean you don't have experience that can contribute to that mentor. Or that coach right next, what I want you to do is, uh, you have to find your own way, find your own way to add value.

So there's like coaching and books and it's like, Hey, you just go ask that mentor, coach, how can I help you in your business? And that's a way to do it, but it's not, uh, it's not ideal because most people are doing it. So what you wanna do is you wanna find a way to add value using. We just talked about your past skills, your past connections and your knowledge, because yeah.

So, uh, just emphasizing your own way, like your own way to add value. Don't ask that mentor. Don't ask that coach, how can I add value to you? Because they're busy or they don't, they don't feel like doing that work on figuring out how you can add value. Right. So find a unique way that you can add value as an example, like I see sometimes I see like older, um, older mentors, older coaches, older people that can't necessarily handle their social media or don't want to handle their social media.

So I add value in a way where I. Understand how to maneuver and market on social media. So I offer that as a service, I'll offer that as help. And that's not them asking me. That's not, that's not them doing the work to, to, um, that's not them doing the work, so understand like, don't go, oh, how can I help your business?

You're making them do more work and that's not necessarily adding value to their business or their life next. What you wanna do is you wanna make sure. You're consistent. So be consistent, right? Don't just show up once or twice, or don't just contact them once or twice. Be consistent. Consistency is important in business.

So make sure you are consistent. This is probably the number one issue that I've experienced. Right. And I have like certain criteria. I will not. You know, have in depth conversations with people, unless I see them more than twice because people are so inconsistent, right. People can't even make it past the first two times of showing up or, you know, showing that at a meeting or being at a class or training.

So if I don't see that consistency. My criteria is that I will not have a conversation with that particular person. Right. So be consistent again, this might be one of the most, this might be the most important thing here is to be consistent, show up, be consistent, be around, uh, next, what you wanna do is you wanna volunteer.

So a lot of times I understand, you know, uh, Time is valuable, but keep in, keep this in mind where you're dealing with like a mentor or coach or high, high up people where you wanna learn something from them. Volunteer your time, be okay with volunteering your time. Uh, I'm not saying that you have to do everything for free, but understand, uh, volunteering.

You, you, you, you can't harm yourself by volunteering, right? Volunteering for this person, volunteering for organizations that are of high value volunteer, because you'll get to meet people and. Of higher quality of higher lifestyles, right? Don't be afraid to volunteer. I volunteer. And this was one of the things that helped level up my business dramatically.

Right. I volunteer for a lo local company here. They needed help with guest sweat. My, my past skills right at the time I was wholeselling. I was wholeselling. And that was like my only skill, you know, the things around wholesale, but I was like, you know what? I have other skills. I, I, you know, and I wanna learn, or I wanna start connecting with some of these important people.

So I volunteered for that organization and I decided to help them with their tech. Right. Because that was my past. That was in the past. And then while I was volunteering with them, I learned a lot about marketing. So I started to offer my marketing expertise to them as well. So. Don't be afraid to volunteer.

And then last but not least, this is kind of why this video was inspired. Right. Stop asking people to pick their brains. Right. It doesn't even sound appealing. If you tell somebody you're gonna pick their brain. So please do not do that. Right. To pick your brain concept. I don't know where it came from, but it it's obsolete now.

Um, pick your brain. Hey, I wanna pick your brain. I wanna take you out to lunch, right? So you're gonna take this, this professional, this coach, that's probably worth more than, uh, you know, $20 a hour, right? And you're gonna pick their brain for free by just offering a lunch. It doesn't work that way. So please stop asking to pick brains.

What you wanna do is you wanna take some of these things that we have here, all of the things that we learned about, and you find a way to package up some value that you can offer that person stop saying you're gonna pick people's brains because it instantly repels a lot of people. It doesn't even sound appealing.

It reminds me of some kind. Crow. Right. You know, crows, they like eat debt by it's. It's not an appealing phrase to use. So please stop telling people that you are going to pick their brains, use these other tips and find ways to add value to these people's lives. Okay. So enough of that, uh, thank you for watching this video.

My name is Jerome Lewis. I'm the, the director of market for digital real estate strategy. We offer a ton of different services. Here. We are a marketing agency. We've got courses, we've got coaching. We've got it all. Uh, if you're interested, you wanna learn more. All you have to do is visit our website digital real estate strategies.com until then I'll see you on the other side.

Bye bye.

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